JT Bound

Me, on the South Kawish, in the Bound. One of my favorite places for 30 years, so hard to figure that’s changin’.

One snowy morning in January, 2013, I was on about something or other on social media, and I thought, you know, maybe there’s a better place for this than a facebook screed you didn’t ask for. So, Newspeak Review was born (initially titled Why the Attitude), for you to take or leave at your leisure.

The editorial viewpoint of this site, simply put, is that the conventional wisdom, the received narrative, requires challenging. And further to the point, it’s the mainstream media — with motives wrapped up in the corporate boardroom — that demands additional voices. Most of these voices are underfunded. Some are not credible. I suppose it’s up to the reader to sift through what she finds of use.

My first post from the snowy morning in 2013 is here, which still presents a fair picture of my perspective. Since then, I’ve reported and/or commented on Keystone XL demonstrations, threats to Northern Minnesota’s water, community relations with police, and recently the 2016 presidential campaigns. Thank you for being here.

— JT —

Newspeak Review is published by JT Haines. JT grew up on Minnesota’s Iron Range (Mt. Iron) before moving to the ‘burbs (Rosemount) at thirteen. He went to Northwestern Univ. and UVA Law, before moving back to Minneapolis and Saint Paul, where he lived from 2000-2015. He recently moved back North, to Duluth, where he works as a Union Rep and Organizer. Previously, JT was a lawyer with St. Paul-based transparency watchdog Public Record Media, and before that with the law firm of Dorsey & Whitney. JT also produces films with Northland Films (makers of the documentaries Pond Hockey and Gold Fever), and gets involved with left political campaigns.

Posts express the views of the author, and, unless otherwise specified, do not reflect the views or positions of any organization with which the author is affiliated. Submissions are welcome.  

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